How to Get a Custom HTML Header on a YouTube Channel

YouTube rewards users that upload popular original content with the opportunity to join the YouTube Partner program. Partners receive compensation for ads placed on their channel and gain the ability to add a custom HTML header to the channel. Only Partners can add HTML headers to a channel, so you must sign up for the program before uploading your banner.



  1. Verify that your YouTube channel qualifies for the YouTube Partner program. In order to apply to become a partner, you must regularly upload videos that receive thousands of views to your YouTube channel. You must create these videos yourself and you must own the rights to the videos.
  2. Open your Web browser and navigate to Log in using your YouTube account’s email address and password.
  3. Complete the online form to apply for the YouTube partner program. YouTube will process your application and notify you of the application status via email. Once you are enrolled in the partner program, you can add a custom HTML header to your YouTube channel.
  4. Create a header image that is 960 pixels long and 150 pixels tall. The image may be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. You can create your header image using the Microsoft Paint program that comes pre-installed on Windows computers or using graphics editing software such as Adobe Photoshop or GIMP. If your image contains transparent components then you file should save the file in JPG or GIF format. YouTube recommends that your image be no larger than 20 kilobytes in size so that it loads quickly across most connections.
  5. Navigate to your YouTube channel branding options page located at
  6. Click the “Browse” button next to the “Channel Banner” field and navigate to the folder on your hard drive that contains your header image. Click the file and click “OK” to set it as your banner image.
  7. Type a URL into the “Channel Banner Link” field if you want your header to link to a Web address.
  8. Click the “Save Changes” button to upload your header image and save your channel header changes.

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