3 jQuery Twitter Plugins – Add Tweets To Your Website

Integrating social profiles with websites is a very popular trend as they represent a content.

For Twitter, if you have an account and want to add tweets to your website, these 3 jQuery Tweeter plugins will help you for sure:



jQuery Twitter Plugin: Juitter

Juitter has a live mode which can display the latest tweets with an Ajaxed interface.

It can display tweets from/to a user and containing any keywords.

Optionally, this jQuery Twitter plugin can display the avatars & can be styled easily with CSS.


jQuery Tweet Plugin

It can display tweets from multiple accounts & the avatars.

The plugin provides automatic linking of:

  • @replies to user twitter page
  • URLs
  • #hashtags, to a twitter search of all your tags
jQuery plugin for Twitter

jQuery Twitter

An unobtrusive and customisable plugin to embed a Twitter feed into a web page.

It can show the tweets with a "slide in" effect (optional). And, number of tweets to be displayed can be defined too (mentioned before at WRD).




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