Tηλεφωνικο Κεντρο PBX Asterisk+SPA3102

Σπιτι εχω OnTelecoms που σημαινει οτι εχω δωρεαν απεριοσριστα Αστικα, Υπεραστικα και 15 Διεθνεις προορισμους (Γερμανια, Αγγλια, USA, Αυστραλια, Ιταλια κλπ) Εχω στησει ενα Asterisk σ’ένα παλιο υπολογιστη που ειχα.

How to Scrape Meta Tags From Any Web Page With PHP

A couple of weeks ago I was going to work on a new project, it was a directory-like kind of app. One the things this application had to do was let users add their websites to their profiles, and so the first question came up, “how am going to get their website’s title and meta …