AngularJS-Twig conflict with double curly braces

solution 1 You can change the start and end interpolation tags using interpolateProvider service. One convenient place for this is at the module initialization time. angular.module(‘myApp’, []).config(function($interpolateProvider){ $interpolateProvider.startSymbol(‘{[{‘).endSymbol(‘}]}’); }); Solution 2 You can use too the attribute-based directive <p ng-bind=”yourText”></p> is the same as <p>{{yourText}}</p> Solution 3 Verbatim, is very elegant and readable for several …

Creating a PHP REST Routing Class for Your Application

The main features typically are: REST Routing Use different HTTP methods for same URL’s to determine different types of action / request Support dynamic URL segments Provide the capability for reverse routing; creating the destination URL from an array of route variables SEO friendly URL’s using a .htaccess to route all URL’s into your class