Translate characters or replace substrings

Is there any function which replaces params in a string? Something like this:?


$format_str = "My name is %name."; /* this was set in a 
                                      configuration file - config.php */

$str = xprintf($format_str, array(\'name\' => \'Joe\', \'age\' => 150));
              /* above is somewhere in main code */

The expected value of $str after the operation is:

My name is Joe.

seems like strtr is what is a builtin function which can do the same. (got this from going thru drupal code).


>> $format_str = "My name is %name.";
My name is %name.
>> strtr($format_str, array(\'%name\' => \'Joe\', \'%age\' => 150))
My name is Joe.


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