MooScroll is a MooTools 1.2 class that allows you to customize how the scrollbar looks on scrollable divs.

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  1. <link rel="stylesheet" href="css/mooscroll.css" type="text/css" media="all" />
  2. … 
  3. <div class="scroll">Content Here</div>
  4. … 
  5. <script src=""></script><script>google.load("mootools", "1.2.1");</script>
  6. <script src="js/mootools-1.2-more(slider-drag-scroll)yuic.js" ></script>
  7. <script src="js/MooScroll_0.59.js" ></script>
  1. var myScroll = new MooScroll({/*options here*/}); 


  • selector [string]: CSS style selector to determine what elements get MooScrolled. Default = ".scroll"
  • increment[number]: Number of pixels that are scrolled at a time.  Default = 30
  • handleOpacity [number]: Opacity of scroll handle. Default = 1
  • handleActiveOpacity [number]: Opacity of scroll handle while it is being dragged. Default = 0.85
  • disabledOpacity [number]: Opacity of scroll bar when there is not enough content to scroll. Default = 0.5 
  • fullWindowMode[boolean]: Set to true when using a MooScroll area to "replace" the browser scrollbar . Default = false
  • scrollBarClass [string]:  Class of scroll bar div. Default = "scrollBar"
  • scrollHandleClass [string]:  Class of scroll handle wrapper div. Default = "scrollHandle"
  • scrollHandleBGClass [string]: Class of scroll handle bg div. Default = "scrollHandleBG"
  • scrollHandleTopClass [string]: Class of scroll handle top div. Default = "scrollHandleTop"
  • scrollHandleMiddleClass [string]: Class of scroll handle middle div. Default = "scrollHandleMiddle"
  • scrollHandleBottomClass [string]: Class of scroll handle bottom div. Default = "scrollHandleBottom"
  • scrollControlsYClass[string]: Class of wrapper div around vertical scroll controls. Default = "scrollControlsY"
  • restrictedBrowsers[array]: Uses MooTools Browser Hash to disable MooScroll for certain browsers. Default = [Browser.Engine.presto925, Browser.Platform.ipod, Browser.Engine.webkit419] //Opera 9.25 or lower, Safari 2 or lower, iPhone/iPod Touch
  • smoothMooScroll [object]
    • toAnchor [boolean]: When true, scrolls the MooScrollArea smoothy to the anchor when a link to the anchor is clicked. Default = true
    • toMooScrollArea [boolean]: When true, scrolls the window to the MooScrollArea when a link to an anchor inside the MooScrollArea is clicked. Default = true


  • refresh():  When called will adjust the scrollbar according to the current MooScroll object size and content.
  • loadContent(contentString):  When called will update content of MooScroll object with the passed in string and then refresh the scrollbar.
  • setSlider(target): When called will scroll the MooScrollArea to the passed in target value. Accepts a number or the keywords ‘bottom’ or ‘top’.


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Requirements: MooTools 1.2 Core, MooTools More (Slider, Scroll, and Drag plugins)

Compatibility: All A-grade browsers.

The creation of a MooScroll instance must be wrapped in a domready event.

  1. window.addEvent(‘domready’, function() { 
  2. var myScrollArea = new MooScroll({}); 
  3. }); 



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