Extract images from PDF

How To extract an Individual Graphic
  1. Open the PDF document you want to extract a graphic.
  2. On the Basic toolbar click the down arrow beside the Select Text button.
  3. Choose the Select Image.
    • Your cursor should be resemble cross hairs.
  4. Click once on the graphic to select it.
  5. Right click on the graphic.
  6. Choose Save Image As.
    • A Save As dialog box appears.
  7. Choose the appropriate location to save the image file in.
  8. If needed, change the name of the file.
  9. In the Save as Type box, select JPEG Image File.
    • This file type will allow you to use it in most applications.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Repeat as needed for each graphic.
How To extract all the Graphics
Acrobat 6 contains a new feature to extract all images from a PDF file. Each image will be it’s own image file.

  1. Open the PDF document you want to extract graphics.
  2. From the Advanced menu choose Export all Images.
  3. In the Export All Images As dialog box, choose the location and correct file type for the images.
  4. You can also give a general name to the images that will be downloaded.
    • Each will be named the same but will include the page number and image number.

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