Making scrolling text with the use of the marquee tag on DIV

Scrolling upward text or vertical text. <div align=”center”> <marquee bgcolor=”#000080″ scrollamount=”2″ direction=”up” loop=”true” width=”35%”> <center> <font color=”#ffffff” size=”+1″><strong> THIS IS A COOL WAY<br> TO MAKE YOUR TEXT<br> SCROLL UPWARDS<br> <br> IT IS EASY AND FAST LOADING </strong></font> </center> </marquee></div>

CSS Alternate Colors Table Loop

CSS .rol_1{ background-color:#FFFFFF} .rol_2{ background-color:#CCCCCC} .rol_Hover{ background-color:#FFFF99} PHP Script On <TR> <?php do { ?> <tr class=”<?php echo ($ac_sw1++%2==0)?”rol_1″:”rol_2″; ?>” onmouseover=”this.oldClassName = this.className; this.className=’rol_Hover’;” onmouseout=”this.className = this.oldClassName;”> <td>loop</td> </tr> <?php } while ($row_travel_schedule = mysql_fetch_assoc($schedule)); ?>