Truncate long text with PHP (excerpt function)

Truncate is a handy function which can truncate a long text into specific length string and adds elipsis (…) after it. This is an example of how the function “truncate($text,47)” works : function truncate ($str, $length=10, $trailing=’…’) { /* ** $str -String to truncate ** $length – length to truncate ** $trailing – the trailing …

Ktinterakt view last import ID with PHP

How I know this function when I use insert Record transaction (advanced) and the redirect page has recordset that use $_POST[‘name for mysql_insert_id() ‘] for select record from db? $ins_sivut->registerTrigger(“END”, “Trigger_Default_Redirect”, 99, “sisallot_edit.php?Id={the_field_from_the_transaction_selected_as_primary_key}”);

Tinymce Full Flash valid_elements

Full FlashMX 2004 rule set: The following will validate that the page complies fully with the flashMX 2004 specification. valid_elements : “” +”a[href|target],” +”b,” +”br,” +”font[color|face|size],” +”img[src|id|width|height|align|hspace|vspace],” +”i,” +”li,” +”p[align|class],” +”h1,” +”h2,” +”h3,” +”h4,” +”h5,” +”h6,” +”span[class],” +”textformat[blockindent|indent|leading|leftmargin|rightmargin|tabstops],” +”u” add custom buttons

Flash var loop over php

onClipEvent (load) { //this.loadVariables(_global.VARGAL1+”tips.php”);   this.loadVariables(“all_pdf.php”); } onClipEvent (data) {     xcount = 0;     yxount = 0; trace(total);       for (var i = 1; i <= total; i++)     {         media0.duplicateMovieClip(“media” + i, i);         eval(“media” + i).pdfpath = eval(“pdfpath” + i); eval(“media” + i).pdftitle = eval(“pdftitle” + …

Load Var to Level

dynsef._visible=false; stop(); //_global.lang=”gr”; _level2.done=undefined;   loadVariablesNum(“sef.php?lang=”+_global.lang, 2);   //_parent._parent.pop_prod.food_photo.url=_level2.photo1; //_parent._parent.pop_prod.food_unbaked.url=_level2.unbaked1; //trace(_level2.code1); function checkParamsLoaded() {  if (_level2.done == undefined) {  //trace(“not yet.”);  } else {  trace(_level2.done);   trace(_level2.pdfpath);    trace(_level2.pdftitle);  //trace(“finished loading. killing interval.”);  clearInterval(param_interval);   if(_level2.pdftitle!= “”){ dynsef._visible=true;  }  } } var param_interval:Number = setInterval(checkParamsLoaded, 10);