hungry hero game

Hungry Hero is an open source Flash game built on Starling Framework. This game is built to give developers an idea of how a typical Starling based game looks like. The basic idea is to showcase how easy it is to build a Stage3D game, giving your games the power of GPU rendering or Hardware acceleration.

cdl_capture_2013-02-15-45_ 001

The concept is very simple. The hero is pretty much always hungry and you need to feed him with food. You score when your Hero eats food. There are different obstacles that fly in with a "Look out!" caution before they appear. Avoid them at all costs. You only have 5 lives. Try to score as much as possible and also try to travel the longest distance.

To play, just tap on the game and move your mouse up/down. Hero will follow your mouse. Collect as many items as possible for more score. Apart from 5 food items, your Hero can also collect these special items: –

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