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About PlugoBrowser

As a webdesign company, we know all daily troubles with managing files and images in WYSIWYG editors that our customers are dealing with. Many solutions exists, but none of them is satisfying. That’s why we created our own solution. We have spent tens of hours to make this plugin friendly, easy to use and completely understable to you.
The most powerful feature and main reason of developing PlugoBrowser is ability to insert thumb images linked to their fullsized images zoomed in lightbox window above your webiste.
PlugoBrowser - Zoom Images

Zoom Images

One of the most exciting PlugoBrowser feature. You can easily insert your thumbs linked to its full size and display it into your favourite lightbox (FancyBox, ThickBox, ClearBox, …).

PlugoBrowser - File Manager

File Manager

With PlugoBrowser you have a powerful tool to manage all your files. Creating a link to file has never been so easy. You can also restrict specific files extensions for upload.

PlugoBrowser - Image Manager

Image Manager

PlugoBrowser also helps you to manage all your images. All you need to do is set image size properties and choose how to paste it.

PlugoBrowser - Upload Manager

Upload Manager

We’ve prepared multiupload for your stuff. Just select your files, choose destination folder, and upload. There’s no need to waste your time by uploading files one by one.

PlugoBrowser - Multilanguage support

Multilanguage support

PlugoBrowser comes with two language options – English and Czech. We’re working to add some more…

PlugoBrowser - Customize Settings

Customize Settings

Built-in settings manager helps you to setup wide range of options like default image size properties, restricted extensions for upload, html markup wrapping inserted object, lightbox settings etc.

PlugoBrowser - Plugin Support

Plugin Support

By purchasing PlugoBrowser you get six-month unlimited access to all released versions. Your feedback and bug reporting will be appreciated and mentioned.

PlugoBrowser - User Friendly Interface

User Friendly Interface

PlugoBrowser comes up with user friendly ajax based interface. We have prepared some features, that will make you feel comfortable. Rightclick context menu, switching file views etc.


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