Managing print consumption in the enterprise represents a huge savings opportunity. But it can be very challenging. Departments and users have different print habits and needs, print devices have different capabilities and cost profiles. GreenPrint offers a suite of software solutions that help you tackle print costs with a phased, measurable and verifiable approach for every part of your organization.

GreenPrint preView+

GreenPrint Analytics is a powerful tool that measures print volume for both on- and off-network printers, identifies cost savings opportunities and enables better print management over time.

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GreenPrint Advisor uses a simple color coding system to help your  users identify low cost printer options.  Advisor then gently guides them to shift print volume to those devices whenever possible.

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GreenPrint preView+ is a unique interactive print preview that helps your users identify and eliminate print waste before it is printed, dramatically reducing print volume and associated cost.

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Note: GreenPrint Analytics is offered as a stand-alone product offering or as part of a bundle with GreenPrint Advisor and GreenPrint preView+.

GreenPrint Analytics
Powerful Reporting Provides the Foundation for Enterprise Print Savings

GreenPrint Analytics is a powerful print measurement and analysis tool that can help your organization track print consumption of both on and off-network printers, identify immediate cost savings opportunities and enable you to more efficiently manage your print operations.  Analytics is offered as a stand alone product offering or as part of a bundle with GreenPrint’s other product modules.

Easy to Deploy, Non-Disruptive and Comprehensive
  • Analytics can be centrally distributed to all computers in your organization
  • Completely invisible to end users – no employee interaction is required
  • Turnkey, web-hosted data service – no servers to provision, no databases to manage
  • Analytics is highly secure – via Amazon’s EC2/S3 hosting service
  • Data on demand – simply log in to your server to view print data in real time
Actionable, Accurate and Detailed Data


  • Total pages printed (includes networked and locally connected devices)
  • Highest volume users
  • Applications printed most/least
  • Reports for departments, groups and/or users


  • Complete inventory of active printers
  • Printers used most/least
  • Identification of costly printers (i.e., USB devices)
  • Searchable database (e.g., by model or device type)


  • Actionable print data enables savings of up to 30%
  • Reports on volume printed to costly printers  
  • Shift volume from costly printers to lower cost devices
  • Eliminate costly or unnecessary printers
Start with Analytics…Then You Have Upgrade Options!

GreenPrint Advisor
Guide Users to Your Lowest Cost Printers

Have you ever asked your employees to print to low cost printers, only to find that a week or two later they are back to their old bad habits?  GreenPrint is well aware of this challenge, and has addressed this issue with the introduction of GreenPrint Advisor.

Advisor is a low touch, intuitive interface that quickly GUIDES users to your lowest cost or most desirable printers (prior to printing) with communication that is as easy to understand as a traffic light:

  • Green is a good low cost printer to use
  • Yellow might not be the best printer choice
  • Red is a high cost printer that should only be used if business conditions dictate
Advisor Provides an Array of Smart Print Options

Advisor is fast and requires minimal user interaction.  Advisor’s key benefits include:

  • Drives awareness of print costs
  • Saves $$ by guiding users to low cost printers
  • Reinforces  good print habits
  • Provides optional path to waste reduction through preView+
  • Provides opportunity to electronically archive documents
Full Integration with GreenPrint Analytics and preView+

Advisor is an option that is fully integrated with GreenPrint Analytics. Print per page cost data is imported into Advisor from the administrative console, and allows you to easily group printers by similar cost attributes into the Green, Yellow, and Redcategories described above. Analytics accurately tracks and measures print volume and associated costs for each of the color coded categories. Reports can be generated for your entire organization, for groups or departments, or even for individual users.

Advisor also provides a simple, optional path for users to interact with GreenPrint preView+, which allows users to identify print waste and eliminate it BEFORE it goes to the printer.

GreenPrint preView+
Interactive Preview Helps Eliminate Print Waste & Reduce Volume
PreView+ Highlights
  • Easy, intuitive user interface
  • Helps users highlight and eliminate unnecessary pages, images and text
  • One click to duplex, PDF or print in B&W
  • Visibly presents print costs for each print job
  • Visibly presents savings as users eliminate unwanted pages
  • Provides detailed individual print reports that track costs and savings over time
  • All individual data is aggregated by GreenPrint Analytics

Eliminating wasted pages at the printer can only be done by providing the right tool at the PC.  After all, each of us is responsible for creating our own print jobs and ultimately for sending them to the printer.  All too often, those print jobs have unnecessary content ranging from whole pages to select images or pieces of text.  Frequently, we aren’t even aware that the waste is present, like printing from the internet and getting that annoying extra page with just a url or a few lines of unnecessary text.  But just as frequently, we print unnecessary content because we are in a hurry, because there’s no good way to get rid of stuff we don’t need, or simply because we’re lazy.   Whatever the reasons for print waste, one thing is certain:  your organization is paying for it, and so is the environment.

preView+ Helps Users Deal with their Own Print Waste

GreenPrint preView+ is an option that helps your end-users identify and eliminate print waste before it is printed, dramatically reducing print volume and associated costs!  preView+ makes it fast and easy for your employees to see what they are about to print, confirm that it is what they want, and to quickly eliminate any unwanted or unnecessary content.  preView+ is an optional tool that users invoke how and when they see fit.  However, GreenPrint Analytics will track how much your users are saving, enabling you to see who is doing a good job of managing their printing, as well as to see those who still have room for improvement.

PreView+ Provides

GreenPrint not only provides the tools to help your end users reduce print waste, but preView+ also provides instant print data so that each person in your organization can understand how much they have printed, how much they have saved, and the corresponding $$ and environmental costs.  This data helps people appreciate that printing is an expensive cost center for your company and encourages them to their part to be as efficient as possible.

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