USB nas Adapters

usb nas adapters

Repotec 2-P USB2.0 Gigabit NAS Adaptor

Key Features

  • Convert any USB 2.0 mass storage device into a Network Attached Storage device
  • Great for creating a custom Network Attached Storage appliance
  • Support Gigabit Ethernet 10/100/1000Mbps
  • Support 2-USB 2.0 ports (capacity 4GB~2TB) (Model A)
  • Simple to install
  • Small and light weight. Can be installed practically anywhere
  • Support PPPoE and DDNS
  • Support Samba server for up to 8 concurrent clients
  • Support FTP server for up to 8 concurrent users
  • Built-in BitTorrent client for direct download to the attached USB storage device
  • Can be set as a UPnP AV server to share photo/music/film files stored on the file server with XBOX 360 video game consoles, PS3 and iTunes connected to the LANv
  • User management to allow read only or read/write access to folders
  • Administrative management access via web browser with password security
  • Compatible with all Windows OS, Mac OS, and Linux

addonics NAS 3.0 Adapter


The NAS 3.0 is Addonics’ 3rd generation NAS adapter with up to 30% faster performance and several powerful enhancements. The new features in the NAS 3.0 adapter includes support of NTFS and exFAT file system, WebDAV server, two drive volumes and a few others. The NAS 3.0 adapter enables creating a Network Attached Storage with capacity as large as 128PB and with features that rival many expensive NAS storage solutions. Any USB storage can be attached to the NAS 3.0 for sharing over the LAN or over the internet, just like your own private cloud storage. Like its predecessors, the NAS 3.0 adapter maintains the support of both SMB (Server Message Block) and the open source Samba network protocols, printer server, X-Box media server and Bit-Torrent client.


Got to love this! PLANEX has just launched a new product in Japan that the rest of the world will desperately want when they get wind of it. The MZK-SNG02U is network adapter similar to other “plug computers” in that it can turn your external USB hard drive into a NAS device, but this one also provides DLNA/UPnP, iTunes server, SMB, FTP duties over a Gigabit Ethernet connection. The device is also equipped with an SD Card slot for easy 1-click file backup. Not bad for 8,000 yen (roughly $95).

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