Boot to Gecko (B2G)

Boot to Gecko (B2G) is a new, proposed open source operating system intended to realize the goal of building a complete, standalone operating system for the open web.  It leverages HTML5, new Web APIs (including those for direct hardware access), a privilege model (to ensure safe exposure of hardware to pages and applications), a new boot mechanism, and new web applications to prioritize and prove the power of the system.  As a driver of standards, these new web applications initially targeted to B2G aren’t just intended to run on B2G, but on the web generally.

Boot to Gecko demo από TechGear

Introduction to Boot to Gecko

Introduction to Boot to Gecko (tbd)

This article will give a basic introduction to Boot To Gecko

We’re maintaining a FAQ to help people find and share answers to common questions.  We also have a roadmap.

Setting up Boot to Gecko

Setting up B2G Build Environment

Building B2G for QEMU Emulator

Building and flashing B2G for Samsung Galaxy S2

Marionette for Boot to Gecko

The Marionette Test Automation Framework

Marionette on MDN

Marionette Tutorials

Setting up Marionette for Boot to Gecko

Marionette for Interactive Python

Marionette for QEMU emulator

Marionette for Samsung Galaxy S2

Writing Tests For Marionette

Marionette Python Tests

Marionette JavaScript Tests

Running Marionette Tests

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