Website Thumbnail Generation Services

Automatically created website thumbnails have a wide usage from links in a website to a web application presenting URLs with their thumbnails.

Using a website thumbnail generation service is generally a time-saving decision both for the website owner (as it’ll be automated) & the visitor (for getting a better idea about the link).

Here are 10 free website thumbnail solutions including a "how to on creating your own".

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Shrink The Web

A powerful & free thumbnail service with 250,000 request limits / month & offers more limits in the paid plans.

For the free plan, no custom sizes can be mentioned & inner page thumbnails are not supported (but supports most of the popular sizes). On the other hand, the service is ad-free and works with JavaScript / Flash embed.



websnapr offers free website thumbnails & puts a "powered by websnapr" phrase over the images. There are paid plans without imitations and more features.

There are ready to use plugins for WordPress, Drupal & more that can be found here.



A free plan exists to create website thumbnails both with & without API support. Thumbnails are watermarked with "by thumbalizr" phrase & premium plans don’t have this limitation.

After signing-up, a PHP script is provided for caching the images locally for faster loads & minimum requests.

iWEBTOOL Thumbnails

iWEBTOOL Thumbnails

A free thumbnails service for creating thumbnails of the links provided.

After inserting a JavaScript file to the webpages, system almost starts to work automatically.

There is a backlink in the thumbnails which can be removed by switching to a paid plan.

SnapCasa (project is abandoned)


A popular website thumbnail provider that has both free & paid plans.

Free plan is limited to 300,000 requests / month which is good for many websites. And, it is ad-free.

Usage is very simple, Just mention the thumbnail’s parameters in the imgtag & that’s all. Like:

<img src="[code]&size=[size]&url=[url]" />

artViper Website Thumbnails (project is abandoned)

artViper Thumbnail Service

This thumbnail service offers nice features in the free version like:

  • Any size of thumbnails
  • Subpage support
  • Realtime preview & more.

A backlink is required in every page that the service is used & there are few JavaScript-Ajax tools provided to display thumbs.

thmbnl (project is abandoned)

Website Thumbnail Service

thmbnl also provides free & paid plans. Free plan is limited to 1000 views / month.

Thumbnails are generated in 5 different sizes & codes are provided after a free membership.

Girafa (project is abandoned)


A nice service for creating URL thumbnails whose free plan is limited to 2000 views / day & does not support inner pages.

MyThumbnail (project is abandoned)

My Thumbnails

This free thumbnail generation service currently does not have a limit, supports sub-pages & any width-height can be mentioned.

Create Your Own Website Thumbnail Service

Website Thumbnail Software

You can also create your own website thumbnail service & use it without limitations.

IECapt is a command line utility for capturing Internet Explorer’s rendering of a webpage (CutyCapt for Webkit).

Using these tools, you can capture the website screenshots by executing the tool from a dynamic file (like PHP, ASP, etc.). Here are more details.

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