Synaptics Gesture Suite™ Device Driver

The Synaptics Gesture Suite device driver is now equipped with Scrybe gesture workflow technology – the next generation in TouchPad™-based PC interfaces. Scrybe gesture workflows can greatly enhance your productivity by expanding your Synaptics TouchPad capabilities. By combining Synaptics Gesture Suite’s scrolling, zooming, and rotation gestures with Scrybe’s symbols, one can unleash the power of the TouchPad!

Click here to learn and watch a Scrybe Gesture Workflows demonstration.

The latest generic Synaptics TouchPad driver with Scrybe Gesture Workflow Technology (v.1.5) is available below.

Windows XP/Vista and Win7 32-bit Edition v15.2.20 All Languages 55.43 MB exe
Windows XP/Vista and Win7 64-bit Edition v15.2.20 All Languages 56.51 MB exe
Windows 2000 v10.1.8 All Languages 6.30 MB exe
Windows 98/ME v8.1.2 All Languages 5.23 MB zip
Windows NT v8.0.6 All Languages 5.00 MB zip
Windows 95 English Only 5.86 MB zip
Windows 95 All Languages 8.26 MB zip

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