php Reserved Words

PHP Reserved Words

Key Words

abstract (as of PHP 5) and array() as break
case catch(as of PHP 5) cfunction (PHP 4 only) class clone (as of PHP 5)
const continue declare default do
else elseif enddeclare endfor endforeach
endif endswitch endwhile extends final(as of PHP 5)
for foreach function global goto (as of PHP 5.3)
if implements (as of PHP 5) interface (as of PHP 5) instanceof (as of PHP 5)
namespace (as of PHP 5.3) new old_function (PHP 4 only) or private (as of PHP 5)
protected (as of PHP 5) public (as of PHP 5) static switch throw (as of PHP 5)
try (as of PHP 5) use var while xor

__CLASS__ __DIR__ (as of PHP 5.3) __FILE__ __LINE__ __FUNCTION__ __METHOD__
__NAMESPACE__ (as of PHP 5.3)
Language Construct

die() echo() empty() exit() eval()
include() include_once() isset() list() require()
require_once() return() print() unset()

A language construct is a part of a program that may be formed from one or more lexical tokens.
For example, print is a language construct.

print 'language construct';

is the same as:

print('language construct');
Predefine Variables


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