web framework for smartphones & high-end devices

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iUI supports iOS, Android, Rim OS6, MeeGo, Bada, WebOS, … smartphones and tablets.

Most recent desktop browsers are ok too!


iUI: User Interface (UI) Framework for WebApp development on iPhone-class devices

iUI is a framework consisting of a JavaScript library, CSS, and images for developing advanced mobile webapps.
Made with only iPhone in mind in the first place (reason of i UI), we now supports most smartphones & tablets.

For more information, you may also want to read Joe Hewitt‘s Introductory Blog Post, and look at the Roadmap.

Create WebApps with an iPhone-like Look’n’Feel

iUI has the following features:

  • Create Navigational Menus and iPhone-style interfaces from standard HTML
  • Use or knowledge of JavaScript is not required to create modern mobile web pages
  • Ability to handle phone orientation changes
  • Provide a more “iPhone-like” experience in your Web apps

Lightweight as can be

iUI doesn’t come with dozens of transitions styles or hundreds of built-in UI elements like you can find in bigger frameworks like JQueryMobile or Sencha. And this is on purpose.

We really want to keep core code as lightweight as possible.

Nothing but HTML markup

You don’t have to learn a new language or syntax: iUI is just plain HTML, CSS and Javascript.
No compilation, no code generation, no alteration… what you’ve typed is what you get.

See our documentation.

Theme & plugins

The core code of iUI is lightweight, but a lots of plugins, extensions & themes.
Offline cache, Google analytics, system informations, events logs, theme switcher, main mobile OS themes, …

See extensions & themes gallery.

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