Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML and reach more devices

"Wallaby" is the codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe® Flash® Professional (FLA) files into HTML. This allows you to reuse and extend the reach of your content to devices that do not support the Flash runtimes. Once these files are converted to HTML, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such asAdobe Dreamweaver®, or by hand if desired. You can view the output in one of the supported browsers or on an iOS device.

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Download and Discuss

Please note that not all Flash Professional features are supported in the HTML5 format. TheWallaby Release Notes describe what features are supported, what differences we have already discovered between the various browsers, what device variations have been found, and any currently known issues.


Follow these steps to get started with Wallaby:

  1. Download the Wallaby application
  2. Follow the installation and operation instructions
  3. See the Wallaby Release Notes for supported features and known issues
  4. Review the Wallaby tutorials and technical tips
  5. Ask questions or share your feedback in the Wallaby forum

    Please note that your submission of comments, ideas, feature requests and techniques on this and other Adobe maintained forums, as well as Adobe’s right to use such materials, is governed by the Adobe.com Terms of Use.


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