Welcome to the home page for PegParse, a simple PHP template parsing system that supports caching, logic and includes.
PegParse aims to be light-weight but full featured. The template syntax is easy to understand but powerful and the code is well commented.

View the examples page for examples of the system in use, downloading the script includes a copy of this website so you can get an idea of how the engine can be used and how the PHP and the templates work together.

If you use PegParse I would appreciate a link to this page, to have your logo featured on our who page, please use the system and have a link to this page, and then email pegparse@pegproductions.com with your site address and a copy of your logo.

Along with the download link below I include a PayPal donation link, it would be very appreciated if you found the script useful, for you to send a donation, I am a poor student after all!

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