Speed up Your Website & Reducing Load on Web Server

If you ever have developed a website which has tasted a bit of success and has reached to serious volume of traffic, welcome to the Big boys club and new headaches!


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More traffic means high server load which forces you to take number of steps, some of the most important are listed here (in no particular order):

  1. Make fewer HTTP requests
  2. Use a Content Delievery Network
  3. Add an Expires header
  4. Reduce DNS lookups
  5. Enable Gzip Compression
  6. Enable MySQL Query Cache
  7. Cache website server side processing such as cache_lite for PHP

Out of the above mentioned steps, caching your database queries and server-side processing will make the most difference to your server performance. Unless you cache your content processing, your webserver and DB server is not going to take a sigh of relief, and niether will you as webmaster.




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