Customize “New Folder” and “New Shortcut” Text in Windows XP

1. Open "%windir%\System32\Shell32.dll" file in Resource Hacker and go to:

String Table -> 1896

2. Now in right-side pane, you’ll see default "New Folder" and "New Shortcut" strings:


3. You just need to replace the default strings with your desired strings as we have removed the "New" word from both strings:


4. Once you finish, click on "Compile Script" button and save the file.

5. Restart your system and now you’ll see your customized names whenever you create a new folder or shortcut:


NOTE: If you get "Can’t create fileā€¦" error message when you try to save the file, it means you have edited and saved the file recently and there is a backup file which needs to be deleted before saving the file again. Go to the "System32" folder and look for a file "Shell32_original.dll". Delete it and try to save the file again.

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  1. In Win7, I see the default name of a Shortcut File under 1900->1033 with ID 30397. I wanted to know if this the right place to be looking for the default name and if it is right string that is being used as the default name for a shortcut file. This is present in windows\system32\en-us-shell32.dll.mui.

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