Grab website thumbnail images from other sites

Some websites, like,, etc. provide us with website snapshots. Special utility can be written in scripting language (like PHP, Perl, etc.) to grab website image from their search results.

Website Thumb Generator can be used to create website thumbnails for your needs, or start your own website thumbnail generation service. Requirements:

  • Windows hosting
  • PHP GD library (installed on most hostings)
  • Permissions to execute third-party applications (i.e. exe files)
  • Permissions to execute Internet Explorer

How it works:

  • Website Thumbnail Generator checks if it already has website image in the cache, and shows it in the browser.
  • If no cached image then IECapt would be run from the script.
  • IECapt would run Internet Explorer, grab full sized website screenshot from it, and save image into the folder you specified in script settings.
  • Then Website Thumbnail Generator would resize image, and show it in the browser.


  • Download IECapt from or from our site: IECapt. Place it in some folder on your server.
  • Download Website Thumbnail Generator using link below, and unzip it to the same folder.
  • Update webthumb.php with your settings for thumbnails folder, cache time, default thumbnail size, etc.

Sample usage:

  • webthumb.php?url=
  • webthumb.php?url=

Download Website Thumbnail Generator

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