Quick installation : Citrix XenServer 5

This is another video, and this one is about XenServer 5. This installation is not very handy when you’re not familliar with linux / unix setup. They key to use are simple, forget your mouse, and use Tab, Space, Arrows and Enter. Edit 17 April 2009 : I’ve add the “normal” installation, and if you …

Setup network interface in linux systems

Κάποιες χρήσιμες εντολές για το σετάρισμα κάρτας δικτύου (π.χ. eth0) σε περιβάλλον linux. View:  ifconfig -a (ή eth0) Assign ip address to interface: ifconfig eth0 netmask up ifconfig’s syntax and command layout: ifconfig <interface> <ip_address> [ netmask <netmask> ]