Linux Backup Configuration Tutorials

Computers crash, disks become corrupt, data is lost, security is compromised. Today, computers are pretty reliable and it is rare to lose data but it can happen and usually when it is most inconvenient! Important work should always be backed up.

Here we are going see more backup basics, how to configure different backup Software in Debian and backup scripts

Backup Basics

Backup tools or software for Linux

Backup tools or software

Different types of backup in Linux

Scheduling Backup Jobs using at and crontab

Databases (Mysql,Postgresql,Firebird) Backup

Backup using tar command in Linux

Backup using dd command in Linux

Backup using cpio command in Linux

Backup with Pax and Afio in Linux

BackupPC Installation And Configuration

Backup2l Installation And Configuration

Rsync Over ssh Configuration

Rsync Webinterface,Frontend or GUI Tools

Backupninja Configuration

rsnapshot Backup Configuration

Rdiff-backup with ssh Configuration

Rdiff-Backup Webinterface,Frontend or GUI Tools

Bacula Web interface or GUI Configuration

Bacula Backup Configuration Part1

Bacula Backup Configuration Part2

Bacula Backup Configuration Part3

Bacula Backup Configuration Part4

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