From 3D Studio Max To Adobe Photoshop


From 3D Studio Max To Adobe Photoshop

By Björgvin Guðmundsson


This is more of a tip than a tutorial. Im going to explain how to save your renders including the alpha channel, and how to delete the unwanted background in Photoshop.

3D Studio Max – Saving your renders

First of all you have to make something in 3d max and render it.

When you have rendered, save your image and choose the *tga format and click “save”. (See image)

Then you will get another pop-up window. Make sure you set the “bits per pixel” at 32bits and select “compress” and “pre-multiplied alfa” (See image), then click “save”.

The reason for saving the render in *tga format, is to embed the alpha channel within the image file.

Tip – The Image quality.

Always render your images in high quality. More pixels = higher quality.
It’s always better to scale it down than up… Trust me on that one. 

Photoshop – Deleting the background.

Start up photoshop and open the *tga image you previously saved from 3dmax.

To delete the background colour of your image, go to “channels” and while holding in the “Ctrl” button, click the channel called “Alpha1”. The alpha channel should now be selected.

Now invert the selection by going to “select – inverse” and hit the “delete” button on your keyboard.

Now go to the layers pallette, make a new layer and place it below the orginal one and fill it with the background colour/pattern of your choice.



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