Flash Multiple AS targets

btn7._alpha=btn6._alpha=btn5._alpha=btn4._alpha=btn3._alpha=btn2._alpha=btn1._alpha = myEndVal; btn7.Blur_blurX=btn6.Blur_blurX=btn5.Blur_blurX=btn4.Blur_blurX=btn3.Blur_blurX=btn2.Blur_blurX=btn1.Blur_blurX = mystartval; doTween([btn1,btn2,btn3,btn4,btn5,btn6,btn7], ‘Blur_blurX’, [myEndVal], 2, “easeOutSine”); doTween([btn1,btn2,btn3,btn4,btn5,btn6,btn7], ‘_alpha’, 100, 2, “easeOutSine”, 0.5);

Flash > Listeners and AsBroadcaster

Introduction In this section, briefly explain what the tutorial will explain/accomplish. If you want, you can include something “dramatic” that gets readers interested in your topic. Try to enjoy writing tutorials and follow the basic guidelines found below. Before I forget, feel free to modify this document as much as needed. from http://www.senocular.com/flash/tutorials/listenersasbroadcaster/ Download files

Flash Libraries

SWFAddress SWFAddress is a small, but powerful library that provides deep link for Flash. Progression uses deep link function of SWFAddress as enabling brawser synchronous. Version 2.1 License MIT License Official website http://www.asual.com/swfaddress/ SWFObject SWFObject is an easy-to-use and standards-friendly method to embed Flash content, which utilizes one small JavaScript file. Progression uses SWFObject to …