Changing the icon on the Flash Projector or any .exe

Changing the icon on the Flash Projector


This is probably something really easy, but I’m an actionscripter/programmer and not an artist. So I was wondering, for when I export an .exe from flash, it has it’s icon still…as the original Flash, and I was wondering how I could change the icon for it. I really don’t want to go into opening up the program and changing some code in it or I could screw up the whole Flash Projector program. Basically, I’m saying, how do I change my .exe icon for the Flash Projector?

reshacker << its pretty easy to use.

just seach google its basically everywhere online.
Or make a .ico-file, and rightclick on your exe, and change icon, and press ok.

hi every body ,
i think it is so easy to use some program called ” resourse hacker ”
it can change icons and also remove all flash menues and the title of ur project 
u can get it from here



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