Install Mondo on CentOS

  • Install Required components
    • yum -y install mkisofs syslinux dosfstools cdrecord dvd+rw-tools

  • Download and install Mondo
    • Download
      • mkdir /usr/src/mondo
      • cd /usr/src/mondo
      • wget
      • wget
      • wget
      • wget
      • wget
    • Install
      • cd /usr/src/mondo
      • rpm -ivh *.rpm
  • Running Mondo
    • Backup
      • Command Line Options
        • -O


          Use ISO files

          ISO size ‘700m’ CD, ‘4480m’ DVD

          Use gzip instead of bzip2 (might be faster)

          Specify the backup directory

          full pathname of the scratchdir

          full pathname of the tempdir

          Exclude path(s) from backup

          Use prefix to generate the name of ISO images

          No Compression

          Max Compression

          Default Compression

      • Create Backup Directory
        • mkdir -pv /tmp/mondo/backup
        • mkdir -pv /tmp/mondo/tmp
      • Backup
        • mondoarchive -OVi -s 4480m -G -9 -d /tmp/mondo/backup -S /tmp/mondo/tmp -T /tmp/mondo/tmp -E /tmp/mondo -p PBX-Backup-`date +%Y-%m-%d`
      • Clean
        • rm -fR /tmp/mondo/tmp/*
    • Restore

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