fake sendmail for windows

fake sendmail for windows


sendmail.exe is a simple windows console application that emulates sendmail’s "-t" option to deliver emails piped via stdin.

it is intended to ease running unix code that has /usr/lib/sendmail hardcoded as an email delivery means.

it doesn’t support deferred delivery, and requires an smtp server to perform the actual delivery of the messages.

i’ve had reports that TLS/SSL is not working on windows 8. unfortunately i don’t have access to a windows 8 system to diagnose the issue just yet.

  • download sendmail.zip and unzip its contents
  • copy sendmail.exe and sendmail.ini to \usr\lib on the drive where the unix application is installed
    eg. if your application is installed in c:\bugzilla, sendmail.exe and sendmail.ini need to be copied to c:\usr\lib\sendmail.exe and c:\usr\lib\sendmail.ini.
  • configure smtp server and default domain in sendmail.ini
using fake sendmail

generally all you need to do is install sendmail.exe in \usr\lib, and existing code that calls /usr/lib/sendmail will work.

if you’re coding new applications, all you need to do is construct your email message with complete headers, then pipe it to /usr/lib/sendmail -t

for example, to use fake sendmail from the command line:

REM send email from command line via SMTP with sendmail

ECHO From: byron@example.com > %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO To: someone-else@example.com >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO Subject: this is a test >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO.>> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO testing. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO blah blah.. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail
ECHO blah. >> %TEMP%\temp.mail

sendmail -t < %TEMP%\temp.mail

DEL %TEMP%\temp.mail

note ECHO. puts a blank line in the file, not a line with a single period on it.

note: if you have IIS installed, you can send emails without any third party programs (you do NOT need my sendmail wrapper).

REM send email from command line via IIS

REM change this path to point to IIS's pickup directory
SET root=c:\InetPub\MailRoot\Pickup

REM set up temp and eml filenames
IF NOT EXIST %root%\temp MKDIR %root%\temp
IF EXIST %root%\temp\%tmp%.tmp GOTO setTempFileName
SET eml=%root%\%tmp%.eml
SET tmp=%root%\temp\%tmp%.tmp

REM build the email.  ^ is the escape character
ECHO From: bob.smith@example.com> %tmp%
ECHO To: sally.jones@example.com>> %tmp%
ECHO Subject: Example>> %tmp%
ECHO Content-Type: text/html>> %tmp%
ECHO.>> %tmp%
ECHO ^<b^>This is a test^</b^>>> %tmp%

REM move the temp file into the pickup directory for delivery
RENAME %tmp% %eml%

msmtp is an excellent open-source sendmail replacement.



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