A (simple) css minifier with benefits

What is CssMin?

CssMin is a css parser and minfier. It minifies css by removing unneeded whitespace character, comments, empty blocks and empty declarations. In addition declaration values can get rewritten to shorter notation if available. The minification if configurable.

CssMin has some benefits. It supports the rewrite of CSS Level 3 properties to their browser specific counterparts and is able to simulate CSS Variables.

CssMin Version 3 is released. Check out What’s new in Version 3.0 / 3.0.1 and download the new version.


  • PHP 5.x


string CssMin::minify(string $source [, array $filters = array()][, array $plugins = array()]);

string $source

The source css as string.

array $filters

The filter configuration as array (optional). See Filter Configuration

array $plugins

The plugin configuration as array (optional). See: Plugin Configuration




// Simple minification WITHOUT filter or plugin configuration
$result = CssMin::minify(file_get_contents("path/to/source.css"));

// Minification WITH filter or plugin configuration
$filters = array(/*...*/);
$plugins = array(/*...*/);
// Minify via CssMin adapter function
$result = CssMin::minify(file_get_contents("path/to/source.css"), $filters, $plugins);
// Minify via CssMinifier class
$minifier = new CssMinifier(file_get_contents("path/to/source.css"), $filters, $plugins);
$result = $minifier->getMinified();

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