15 Even More Responsive Frameworks


This is part 3 in in our ongoing series of posts highlighting the latest responsive web frameworks. And yes, today we have 15 even more frameworks for you to consider.

Just like all of the other frameworks we have previously featured, the frameworks below have been built for one specific reason: to allow you to rapidly and painlessly build a responsive web site.


Groundwork CSS

Built from the ground up with Sass, GroundworkCSS is a fully responsive framework that features an incredibly flexible, nestable, fluid grid system with support for any number of columns in any fractional amount, which means it is a framework that works for virtually any modern layout.

Groundwork CSSGitHub

MUELLER Grid System

Based on Compass, MUELLER is a modular grid system for responsive/adaptive and non–responsive layouts. It gives you full control over column width, gutter width, baseline grid and media–queries.

MUELLER Grid SystemGitHub

Cool Kitten

The Cool Kitten framework, is a lightweight HTML/CSS/JS toolkit for creating a responsive parallax scrolling website. It makes use of Normalize.css, Stellar.js and the jQuery Easing Plugin.

Cool KittenGitHub

Profound Grid

Built in SCSS, the Profound Grid is a flexible (either fluid or fixed) responsive grid system and you can add per-media layouts as required (by changing the column and gutter widths or adding/removing columns). Unlike other grid systems, Profound Grid uses negative margins to calculate columns, so that fluid layouts will look exactly the same in every browser.

Profound GridGitHub


Built using SASS and CSS3 media queries, Centurion is an easy-to-use responsive web framework. It comes packages with custom and and easy to modify scripts for navigation, tables, and tabbed elements (built using CoffeeScript). Even the CSS was built using Sass making it easy to include or exclude any portions of the code you may or may not want.


34 Responsive Grid System

34Grid is a responsive grid system based on “equally distributed columns” layout basis. In contrast to other great grid systems, 34Grid provides equally distributed columns for each row. It is completely customizable and it allows you to build your own download package (number of max columns, column margin, row margins and transitions between columns).

34 Responsive Grid System

One% CSS Grid

One% CSS Grid is a percentage based 12 column fluid CSS grid system that would work perfectly well for anyone looking to quickly build a responsive base. It has two starting points, one which fits 1280px screens (in full screen view) and another one which fits 1024px screens (in full screen view).

One% CSS Grid

RWD Grid

The RWD Grid is a responsive grid system based on the popular 960.gs. The naming conventions of this grid system are similar to the 960.gs – and to improve readability, underscore has been replaced by a hyphen.

RWD Grid


Not a boilerplate or a theme, Sassaparilla uses the power of Sass via SCSS and Compass to create flexible stylesheets that you can re-use and add to over time.



Base is a 12 column 960px grid (max) responsive CSS framework that has everything you need for starting a responsive web project quickly. It comes with a minimal HTML5 template (including jQuery), a stylesheet with basic styles, a default JS file with base enhancements & fallbacks and, a LESS file to easily customize your stylesheet.


Bourbon Neat

Neat is a semantic grid framework built on top of Sass and Bourbon. It is simple enough to get you up and running in minutes, and powerful enough to handle almost anything you throw at it. Using Sass 3.2 block mixins, this framework makes it extremely easy to build responsive layouts. Using the breakpoint() mixin, you can change the number of columns in the grid for each media query and store these values in project-wide variables to DRY up your code.

Bourbon NeatGitHub

Extra Strength Responsive Grids

Extra Strength Responsive Grids create more pliant responsive grids that are fluid and percentage-based. Alignment is easy, you can nest your grids, and it uses easy-to-remember classes. It’s even SASS-enabled.

Extra Strength Responsive GridsGitHub

Blok Grid System

The Blok Grid System is a mobile first framework that aims to give web developers complete control over how a website responds to mobile, tablet and desktop viewports. Built on a twelve column grid for each viewport, you can select the number of columns for each div and breakpoint.

Blok Grid SystemGitHub

Recently Updated Frameworks

Gumby 2

Gumby 2 is a free, open-source responsive front-end development framework built with SASS. The grid is engineered to be there when you need it, and get out of your way when you don’t; it’s a powerful fluid-fixed layout defaulting to the popular 960 grid. It includes Google Webfonts, Entypo icons, modular scale typography and a fully customizable UI kit all built into it’s extensible codebase.

Gumby 2GitHub

Foundation 4

Foundation, the popular web framework from ZURB, has recently undergone an intensive updgrade. The codebase has been completely rewritten with the objective of taking a ‘mobile-first’ approach. All of it’s JS plugins have all been rewritten to make them better, stronger and faster. And they’ve also switched Foundation over to Zepto, which is deemed a much lighter substitute for jQuery.

Foundation 4GitHub




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