Baruwa – A web 2.0 MailScanner Front-end


Baruwa (swahili for letter or mail) is a web 2.0 MailScanner front-end.

It provides an easy to use interface for managing a Anti Spam system built on the best of breed open source packages. It is used to perform operations such as managing configurations, quarantine management, bayesian learning, management of approved and banned sender lists, monitoring the health of the services and a lot more.

Baruwa is implemented using web 2.0 features (AJAX) where deemed fit. Baruwa has full support for i18n, enabling you to translate it into any language of your choosing. Baruwa has already been translated into to over 25 languages.

It includes reporting functionality with an easy to use query builder, results can be displayed as message lists or graphed as colorful and pretty interactive graphs.

Baruwa includes full text search functionality that allows you to find information very fast and easily. Advanced searching options available in leading web search engines are supported in Baruwa.

A Custom MailScanner module is provided for asynchronous logging of messages to a PostgreSQL database with SQLite backup as well as updating of the realtime search index.



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