Javascript forms validation.
Powerful, UX aware & Dead simple.

Never write a single javascript line anymore to validate your forms FrontEnd. Parsley will do that for you – and do it right –, thanks to its powerful DOM-API !


Super #UX focused

User Experience matters. A lot. Parsley is totally aware of that, and is designed to help your users and not bother or frustrate them.

Super light

Less than 800 lines. Less than 12k minified.
Works with jQuery and Zepto (with data and fx_methods added).

Super free

Parsley is open source, MIT licensed, and developed to help everyone. It will stay that way.

Super configurable

Like no other javascript library, Parsley has a full support for #UX concerns and detailed options. Override almostevery Parsley default behaviors to fit your exact needs.

Super simple

Want to validate a form? Just write it in English with the awesome Parsley DOM-API using jQuery data API.

Super reliable

Form validation is important, #UX is critical. Parsley is shipped almost bug free to help you with that.

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