Freenas Useful Command Line Utilities

Several command line utilities which are provided with FreeNASĀ® are demonstrated in this section.

The following utilities can be used for benchmarking and performance testing:

  • Iperf: used for measuring maximum TCP and UDP bandwidth performance
  • Netperf: a tool for measuring network performance
  • IOzone: filesystem benchmark utility used to perform a broad filesystem analysis
  • XDD: a tool for measuring and characterizing disk subsystem I/O

The following utilities are hardware-specific and require the underlying hardware to be installed:

  • tw_cli: used to monitor and maintain 3ware RAID controllers
  • MegaCli: used to configure and manage LSI MegaRAID SAS family of RAID controllers
  • IPMItool: used to manage and configure IPMI devices

This section also describes the following utilities:

  • freenas-debug: the backend used to dump FreeNASĀ® debugging information
  • tmux: a terminal multiplexer similar to GNU screen
  • Dmidecode: reports information about system hardware as described in the system’s BIOS
  • OpenVPN: highly configurable VPN daemon which can be used to securely link two or more private networks using an encrypted tunnel

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