gphoto2 for windows

Here’s a slightly more detailed set of instructions:

1. Download the libusb-win32 binaries and unzip them (it doesn’t matter where you put them)
The project homepage is here. The latest release at time of writing is here.
2. Install a driver for your camera. Assuming you unzipped libsub-win32 into c:\, run c:\libusb-win32-bin-\bin\inf-wizard.exe and go through this process to set up a libusb driver for your camera. You may need to uninstall these drivers to use your manufacturuer’s camera software.


Installing a camera driver
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3. Unzip my gphoto build file somewhere on your pc. (The latest zip is, here.)
4. At a Windows command prompt, run "gphoto2.bat –help" from the directory into which you unzipped the build. Have a look at the gphoto2documentation for more information on how to use gphoto.

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