Jquery jGlycy

About jGlycy

jGlycy is a simple jQuery plugin. This plugin calls other any typical-interfaced-plugins automatically when document ready.

For instance, you can put "jg" attribute into your (x)html like below;

<div jg="cycle">
  <img src="/your/path/to/img01.gif" />
  <img src="/your/path/to/img02.gif" />
  <img src="/your/path/to/img03.gif" />

jGlycy calls jQuery method like this;


You (or your team’s designers) don’t have to write JavaScript any more.

How it works

When document ready, jGlycy picks up elements which have "jg" attributes. Then the plugin confirms if your jQuery object has the method names the value of the attribute. In this example, jGlycy calls "cycle" method, if jQuery object has this method.

Furthermore, you can put object-type options for the method like below;

<div jg="cycle" jg:cycle="fx:'shuffle',easing:'backout',delay:-4000">
  <img src="/your/path/to/img01.gif" />
  <img src="/your/path/to/img02.gif" />
  <img src="/your/path/to/img03.gif" />

This means


Why your team should use jGlycy

  • Script is divided off from presentation layer completely.
  • Don’t have to put ID attribute to specify the element any more.
  • When calling outer script files fail, at least browser don’t show error message.
  • You can use many jQuery plugins on jGlycy without modification.


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