Firefox How do I fully remove Babylon

If you remove the software, reset your homepage and change your search engine, you haven’t finished the job.

PROBLEM: If you type something in the address bar…you still end up at BABYLON!!!. I contacted Babylon repeatedly and they absolutely refuse to let you know how to fix this…..but after a couple days of research I finally found out how to do it. HERE IS HOW TO GET YOUR COMPUTER BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1. click into the address bar in Firefox…….Type "about:config"

2. You will get a warning about your warranty…..bypass this.

3. In the next screen….type……"Babylon" in the Filter window (a search in the config)

4. You are now in the guts of Firefox…..and where Babylon did it’s dirty work. You will find about 5 or six places where Babylon shows up.

5. Highlight each of these entries one at a time, right click and pick "reset".

6. When all have been reset…..close the file.

Now test:

Open firefox….type something weird into the address a test…and your browser should start acting normally and faster…..and BABYLON is GONE!by the way, the uninstaller file they tell you to use is identified as TROJAN by McAfee. Sleazy.

By the way, Babylon tries to get you to download an "uninstaller" package:

DO NOT DO IT…..McAfee intercepts it….it contains a TROJAN virus!!!! BEWARE.

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