How to Disable AWStats on Plesk

WStats is a traffic-statistics program that runs on the Parallels Plesk web-server management server. AWStats works by analyzing the web server’s log files and other information collected by the server to give you a real-time view of the visitors and trends on your website. Disabling AWStats is a simple task that takes only a few moments.


  • 1 Log in to your Plesk administration panel.
  • 2 Open the "Log" section.
  • 3 Click on "AWStats" and then click "Configure."
  • 4 Click "Disable for all accounts."
  • 5 Click "Save" and wait while the server reboots to apply the changes.


Check the file:

  • /etc/cron.d/awstats

You need to  #…  comment the first line.

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