Install freenas from USB stick

It would be better to provide directions for how to decompress and flash the .xz image, like so:

  1. Download a copy of 7zip from: .
  2. Install 7zip.
  3. Download your desired USB disk image from the FreeNAS site. FreeNAS USB images have the .xz extension.
  4. Download LiveUSBInstall from: .
  5. Put a USB key fob into your Windows machine. It should be at least 4GB.
  6. Extract the .xz image with 7zip.
  7. Run LiveUSBInstall.
  8. Choose the "IMG Write" Mode.
  9. Press ok to pass the warning prompt.
  10. In the "IMG File" box, select the image extracted in step 6.
  11. Select the drive letter in "Install to" corresponding to your USB thumb drive.
  12. Press ok.

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