Jquery Speech-enable your website!

Based on LAME and the Festival TTS Engine, this flexible jQuery plugin can take text (the input) and generate audio from it. It can be implemented in various ways (the methods) and allows you to preview MP3 audio (the output) in real-time. jTalk can also create high quality WAV files for download. The plugin itself weighs in at around 6kB.

cdl_capture_2012-11-14-22_ 000

With jTalk, you can:

  • Say anything that’s on your web page in a spoken voice
  • Use many different methods to choose what is spoken
  • Read out the headlines from any RSS feed on the internet – huge possibilities!
  • Speak any submitted string or text
  • Scan whole pages and tell you statistics about it – handy for troubleshooting source code!
  • Speak the dimensions of images and DOM elements
  • Choose predefined speech objects – date, time, URL, IP address etc.
  • Stream and play MP3 audio from any URL
  • Provide extremely flexible, real-time spoken feedback for visually impaired visitors
  • …and so much more!




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