Clickatell Sender ID management Application Statuses

A Sender ID is the name or number that the message appears to come from. By default you can send a message from the mobile number you registered your account with. If you wish to send messages from other numbers or names you will be required to register them. Approval of your submitted Sender ID is not guaranteed and generally only numbers, company and product names that we are able to verify will be approved. Any MO numbers linked to your account do not need to be registered. Click the Add sender ID link to do so now.


Not Approved
Reason: Your Sender ID may not meet the required criteria of being a company, product name or valid landline/mobile number.

Pending Approval
Reason: Your Sender ID request has yet to be manually processed. Please contact Support, or 27 21 910 7700, if you need your request attended to.

Incomplete motivation
Reason: Your Sender ID request meets the criteria, but verification is required. Send a request to and attach a copy of your company letterhead as verification of your company details. If your company has a domain name registered, reply to this message using your domain-name email account (e.g.: if your company is called Glue and you have a domain, you need to send us an email from

Your Sender ID has been approved and is ready for use.

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