ppendo is a lightweight plugin to manage cloning form rows.
Appendo is less than 2000 bytes and is very easy to use.

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  • Creates an interface to manage adding cloned form rows
  • Remove button appears when added rows can be removed
  • Optionally limit the number of rows that can be added
  • Optionally focus first form field in added row
  • Multiple easy-to-use attachment methods (no Javascript required)
  • Lightweight, less than 2K! Well-commented source
  • Self-contained Javascript file (no other files needed)
  • Can be styled by CSS rules or via jQuery properties object
  • Completely namespaced as jQuery.appendo


Appendo aims to be a lightweight solution to duplicating form rows in a simple jQuery plugin format. The appendix includes some PHP example code for naming and reading rows.

Appendo also aims to be a succinct example of jQuery plugin design (see code).

Basic Usage

It’s very simple to attach Appendo.
In fact, it doesn’t even require any Javascript.

  • Load jQuery and Appendo Javascript files in your page <head>
  • Set up the row for duplication as the final row in a table
  • You may use header rows or other layout in the table above the row
  • Simply add class="appendo" to the table with to duplicate

If you’ve loaded jQuery and Appendo correctly, Appendo will automatically attach to tables withclass="appendo". It’s that easy!

Demo / Download

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