Haxe IDE and Editors

If you are looking for an IDE to write Haxe code, the following options are available :
There are a great number of IDEs and editors that support Haxe:

  • FlashDevelop 4 is the state of the art IDE for Haxe on Windows, offering code completion, a Flash debugger, and project templates for all targets, including NME. Read more here, if your on Linux or Mac you may want to try MonoDevelop, but the MonoDevelop bindings are currently only setup for NME haxe development.
  • FDT 5 includes support for Haxe, and it runs on PC, Mac and Linux. It is a commercial product, with a free edition, based on Eclipse with many enterprise features.
  • Textmate is used by a lot of Mac users. Textmate supports a lot of features for coding in Haxe. Read more about it here. Windows users can use E-TextEditor using the same bundle.
  • Sublime Text 2 is the rising star of the code editors. Similar to TextMate but crossplatform, it is highly extensible and already has a great ecosystem of plugins, including one for haxe.
  • Eclihx plug-in extends Eclipse with Haxe development support. Latest release contains autocompletion, templates, quick navigation to compile errors, configurable builds and other features. Project is open-source and cross-platform.
  • But that’s just the start. From textmode editors like Emacs or Vim to impressive IDEs like Eclipse here is a list of editors and how the support Haxe.


Plugins and Addons for IDEs and Editors to enable Haxe




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