PHP protect

PHP Protect is a free PHP obfuscation tool. 
It is designed to help PHP developers protect their intellectual property. Any time you give your PHP source code to someone else your intellectual property can be used and altered without your permission.

PHP Protect is a PHP obfuscator which provide you with a free way to obfuscate your PHP source code. Current version support variable name replacement in a way that it will be difficult to read and alter your source code.

Why obfuscate your code you ask ? 
Well obfuscating your code won’t make it immune to intellectual property theft but it will make it harder for others to use your code or embed parts of it into their own work. 
As you probably know altering others code is hard even when informative variables names are present and comments are included , removing those can make a code very hard to understand ,alter or use. So just as a lock wont prevent others from breaking into your house obfuscation wont prevent others from using your code – it will just make it harder for them.

While looking for a way of obfuscating my PHP code I looked into other solutions but I could not find a free PHP obfuscator that will work the way I want it to. That was the reason I decided to make my own free PHP obfuscator, I hope you find it useful.

You can view some screenshots or download PHP protect here.

obfuscate screenshot

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