Ultimate JSF Component Suite


If you’re evaluating PrimeFaces for your project this section can help you. Design of PrimeFaces is based on well defined goals and principles.

A Different Point of View

Prime Technology is not a software vendor but a software development house along with the consulting&training activities. A framework that’s not even used by its own creators can easily miss vital points regarding usability and simplicity, a major difference compared to vendor products is that we use PrimeFaces in all of our clients’ projects as the front end framework. This helps us to view the project from an application developer’s point of view so that we can easily realize the missing features and quickly fix the bugs. This significantly differs PrimeFaces from other libraries.

Simplicity and Performance

PrimeFaces is a lightweight library, all decisions made are based on keeping PrimeFaces as lightweight as possible. Usually adding a third-party solution could bring a overhead however this is not the case with PrimeFaces. It is just one single jar with no dependencies and nothing to configure.

Ease of Use

Components in PrimeFaces are developed with a design principle which states that “A good UI component should hide complexity but keep the flexibility” while doing so.

Strong Community Feedback

PrimeFaces community continuously helps the development of PrimeFaces by providing feedback, new ideas, bug reports and patches.

Spring Applications

If you are using Spring Framework and looking for a JSF front-end framework, then your search is over as SpringSource suggests PrimeFaces to be used in JSF-Spring applications. Also Spring ROO only supports PrimeFaces in JSF addon. Please note that PrimeFaces is a UI framework and not coupled with a middleware framework like Spring, EJBs or similar.

Competitors Use PrimeFaces

PrimeFaces has became the de-facto standard of JSF UI Frameworks, even competing products like IceFaces is powered by PrimeFaces.


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