OneClickSSL for Parallels Plesk

Parallels Plesk Panel – A single plug-in for both user and admin levels
(Version 9 & 10)

Welcome to the OneClickSSL resource center for the Parallels Plesk Panel where you’ll find all you need to get up and running with OneClickSSL.

It’s important to realize that there are two ways to install an SSL Certificate using the plug-in. The plug-in has been designed to allow you to install an SSL Certificate either on a hosted Plesk Panel directly as a user or, more powerfully for hosting providers, at the Plesk Panel admin level, on behalf of your hosted customer – seamless support for SSL Certificate installation!

Note: The plug-in has been optimized for improved API support for SSL from Parallels in Plesk Panel 10 so you need to ensure you install the relevant version for your panel.

OneClickSSL for Parallels Plesk is now available directly in storefront.

Get the Plug-in

We Support Plesk Panel Versions:

Plesk Panel 9.5.2+
Plesk Panel 10.1.0+

Redhat Packet Manager (.rpm) Version for

Debian (.deb) Version

  • Debian Versions Coming Soon


Installation Guides

White Papers & Datasheets

3 Simple Steps to OneClickSSL on Plesk

Step 1 – Download the Plug-in

Download the OneClickSSL plug-in for Plesk Panel 9 (.rpm ) or Plesk Panel 10 (.rpm )

Step 2 – Install and Run the Plug-in

Simply follow the instructions laid out in the Plesk installation/user guide.

Step 3 – Benefit from Instant SSL Security

Enjoy trouble-free SSL installation. Provision SSL at the click of a button!



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