Guesture Works

The easy way to create advanced multitouch applications in Flash, Flex, AIR and FDT

GestureWorks provides everything ActionScript developers need to author powerful multitouch applications quickly and easily. With over 200 built-in gestures, free plug and play components, and a growing list of compatible hardware it has never been easier to build your own multitouch application.

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Multitouch Workflow SolutionsPowerful authoring solutions to match the way you work

GestureWorks 2.1 seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Whether you prefer to author in Flash, Flex, PowerFlasher FDT or Eclipse Classic you can incorporate the most powerful gesture SDK available.
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Multitouch Flash TutorialsOver a dozen tutorials to help you get started

Learn everything you need to know to get started authoring applications in GestureWorks with our Flash, Flex and component tutorials.
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Multitouch Gesture LibraryThe most advanced gesture library available

GestureWorks’ open source gesture library features over 200 gestures, far more than any other multitouch framework built for Flash. With our open source gesture library, you’re not just limited to zoom and flick. You can create applications that tilt in 3 dimensions, recognize characters, symbols, and shapes or even create your own gestures.
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Multitouch HardwareTested on dozens of multitouch devices

GestureWorks plays nice with any Windows 7- or TUIO-compatible hardware, giving you plenty of ways to develop. GestureWorks includes a built-in simulator for easy testing on any system, and your apps will elegantly degrade for single touch or mouse compatibility.
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Developer ShowcaseBe a multitouch rock star

Have you used GestureWorks to develop a multitouch application? Let us know how you have used it and we may showcase your project.
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Multitouch-enabled ModulesGestureWorks is fully compatible with Open Exhibits modules

Open Exhibits is a suite of free and open source multitouch-enabled modules and templates designed for rapid application development. These plug and play modules are open source and free for commercial use. Check out a video showing these GestureWorks compatible modules in action.
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