The First HTML5 Mobile
Web App Framework

Built with Web Standards

Sencha Touch supports official HTML5 specs such as Offline & Storage, Device Access, Performance & Integration, Multimedia, Graphics, 3D & Effects and CSS3/Styling

Sencha Touch is the world’s first app framework built specifically to leverage HTML5, CSS3, and Javascript for the highest level of power, flexibility, and optimization. We make specific use of HTML5 to deliver components like audio and video, as well as a localStorage proxy for saving data offline. We have made extensive use of CSS3 in our stylesheets to provide the most robust styling layer possible.

Altogether, the entire library is under 120kb (gzipped and minified), and it’s trivial to make that number even smaller by disabling unused components or styles.

Sencha Touch allows you to develop mobile web apps that look and feel native on iPhone, Android, and BlackBerry touch devices. View Examples



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