This document describes how to migrate an existing virtual machine and migrate its files and

configurations into a physical machine. This is also known as virtual to physical migration or V2P

The migration process uses third party tools to:
• Prepare the source virtual machine
• Transfer the prepared source virtual machine to the hard drive of a physical machine
The process for Microsoft guest operating system environments includes the use of Microsoft
Sysprep 1.1 and a disk imaging tool such as Symantec Ghost.
The process for other operating systems involves an imaging tool but does not use Sysprep as
this only works for Microsoft operating systems. For Linux environments, the Kudzu imaging tool
is a reasonable choice. For information on performing a V2P migration of a Linux guest
operating system virtual machine, refer to the documentation that accompanies your Linux
imaging tool of choice.
The sections in this document are:
• V2P Migration Requirements
• Preparing for a V2P Migration
• Migrating a Virtual Machine to a Physical Machine Overview
• Additional Resources
• Examples

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